Is A White Car Easier To Keep Clean? (Pros And Cons To Consider)

Is A White Car Easier To Keep Clean?


Many believe that white cars are the easiest to keep clean. But is it? 

If you’re out shopping for a car and thinking of buying a white one, reading this post will help you make a better and informed decision. 

We’ll talk about:

  • If a white car is the easiest to keep clean
  • The advantages of white cars
  • The disadvantages of white cars

If you want to be sure you’re picking the right car color by choosing white, this post will give your reasons why you should or shouldn’t go for a white car. 

Let’s go through each of those 3 points starting by answering if a white car is the easiest to keep clean. 

Is A White Car The Easiest Color To Maintain?

Many believe a white car is the easiest to clean, the truth is it isn’t. While it definitely ranks above most colors, the easiest car to maintain is the champagne-colored ones. 

Here’s why:

Most of the elements you encounter on the road aren’t white, mostly, they’re somewhere in the hues of brown. 

Thin layers of dust won’t be visible in white cars, they do a good job hiding it.  But as the dust layers on, the dust’s color will contrast the car’s color making the dirt more vivid. 

Added to that when driving in rainy weather, when the dirty water gets kicked on the car paint, it’ll be quickly visible. 

It’s worse when it’s muddy. When it builds up behind the car’s wheel arches it shows a clear outline of the mud on the lower portion of the car. 

muddy white car


Now if you’re leaning towards buying a white car, here are the pros and cons you can consider so you can make a better decision. 

Advantages Of A White Car

Here are 5 reasons why a good car will be good for you.

1. It Hides Minor Scratches And Swirl Marks

Unlike dark-colored cars, white cars do a good job concealing the minor imperfections made by washing the car with a sponge or rough cloth. Light scratches and swirl marks won’t be so visible. 

When direct light hits the paintwork, white cars look shinier, so it looks new way longer than dark cars do. 

white car's shine last longer


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2. Lots Of Cars Look Great In White 

White cars are arguably one of the most versatile colors for cars. In the automotive spectrum, white cars suit hatchbacks, SUVs, even sports cars. 

Fairly enough, its capacity to reflect light the most adds to its appeal, so many cars look good in white. 

3. White Cars Have Good Resale Value

Because of their broad appeal, white cars have better resale value than outlandish and vibrant-colored cars. 

When you buy a brand new one, a white car will a slightly higher price than those of the other colors even if they’re the same model.  

If you want to maximize your car’s value, especially if you’re thinking of selling it in the future, choose a white car. 

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4. White Paint Is Cool For Cars

And I don’t mean the appeal when I say it’s cool. Like literally, a white car is not as hot as colored cars, especially black ones. 

Why so?

As you can remember back in grade school, white is described to be a great light and heat reflector. This simply means it doesn’t absorb heat energy as much as dark-colored cars do. 

white car


Because of this, the inside of a white car won’t be as hot as colored cars if you spend a long time inside it. You won’t have to ramp up the air conditioning so high to counter the heat. 

5. White Cars Look Bigger 

Many people don’t want to feel cramped in a small space. Psychologically, the white color makes the car look bigger, tricking the brain to believe you’ll be getting into something spacious. 

Now that we’ve considered the advantages of a white car, let’s flip the coin and consider the downsides too. 

Disadvantages Of A White Car

To make things fair, here 3 disadvantages you'll get with white cars. 

1. White Is A Common Color

What’s so bad about it being so common?

Imagine going grocery shopping and parking it in a wide-open parking space. Since it’s so common, you’ll find too many cars like yours and if your memory isn’t so good, you’ll be stuck wondering where you parked your car. 

white cars are common

In 2019 alone, 414,000 new cars sold in the UK are white. Imagine the trouble of standing out in a parking lot with too many cars of the same color as yours!

2. It’s Not The Easiest To Keep Clean

Even if it’s not the worst, it still doesn’t land the top spot for the easiest to clean.  

Since it’ll take layers of dust for you to see your car needs a wash, you might end up scrubbing your car over again with how thick the dust layer developed. 

That’s not a lot of trouble but it doesn’t help save time either. 

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3. White Cars Are More Expensive

As I’ve said earlier, white cars are more expensive than their colored contemporaries. Especially so if you want it in an extra metallic or premium finish. 

These 3 advantages are not complete breakers. If you ask me, with white cars, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.  

Many people, when buying cars, put aesthetic and appeal as the 2 top priority factors. People buy based on the color they like, the emotions these colors evoke for them will be their buying force. 

But when these emotions fade and the car pleads for cleaning, the main concern you’ll have for your car is how you can keep it clean for the longest time possible. By this time, you’ll want to have a white car. 


In the end, choosing your car’s color is up to you. If you’re willing to wash your car often, there’s no problem going with a colored car.  

Car cleaning tools like a car cleaning gun will make the job done easier for you anyway.  

However, if you consider:

  • The longest time it can look new
  • The resale value
  • And the coolness it gives even on a hot summer day

You definitely should go for a white car. 

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