3 Things You Didn't Know Are Not Needed In A Car Detailing Kit Anymore

3 Things You Didn't Know Are Not Needed In A Car Detailing Kit Anymore


You probably don’t know this yet, but in recent years you can actually detail your car without needing some of the tools in a detailing kit that you used to need. 

Yes, you read it right, you can start decluttering your car detailing kit to let go of the tools you won’t need anymore. 

In this blog, you’ll find out about 3 car detailing tools that are no longer necessary in your car detailing kit. 

  • Grit-guard buckets 
  • Wash mitts
  • Detailing brushes

Come to think about it, not using these tools can be economical for you. 

You won’t have to buy so many tools and you won’t have to spend for its replacements when it starts to wear out. 

If you’re ready to find out what these tools are, then let’s go!

1. Grit-Guarded Buckets

Car detailing always starts with a thorough car wash. Many pro detailers used to follow the 2-bucket system where one bucket used is filled with water and another one for the cleaning solution. 

What they used to do is after wiping off a car’s surface with cleaning solution-soaked towels or mitts, they’ll rinse it first with water before dunking it back to the bucket with the cleaning solution. 

They do this to avoid wiping the dirt and grime back in the car. 

This was the old way of doing things. In fact, this will require you a lot of time because you have to go back and forth between buckets until the whole car is washed. 

However, when using a car cleaning gun, you can get rid of the extra bucket. You’ll only need one. 

The sole purpose left for the bucket is to rinse the dirt-filled inner-part of the nozzle after cleaning a surface. 

Yes, no more need for too many buckets. One would suffice. 

Emphasis on the "s". You can work with only one bucket, not buckets. 

Not Needed In A Car Detailing Kit Anymore Buckets

2. Wash Mitts

Well of course, when you used to work with the old-fashioned 2-bucket system, you’ll use wash mitts to spread the cleaning solution on car surfaces. 

But by using a car cleaning gun, there won’t be any need for this tool too. 

Not Needed In A Car Detailing Kit Anymore Wash Mitts


Even though a car cleaning gun is best known for removing stubborn dirt in nooks and crannies, it does well on surfaces with fewer crevices too. 

Wash mitts are one of the tools that need constant replacement. 

It either gets contaminated with hard to remove oily dirt so you can’t reuse it on other surfaces. Or while wiping it inadvertently gets ripped on sharp edges. And of course, the usual wear and tear. 

Using a car cleaning gun will help you save money from spending on wash mitts again and again. 

3. Detailing Brushes

When detailing a car, especially the interior, you’ll need a whole bunch of detailing brushes. 

Imagine all the crevices inside your car from the dashboard to the center console, to the inner side of the doors, up to the seats. 

From brushes with soft bristles, hard bristles, brushes with short handles, long handle and angled handles. 

There’s just too much to maintain just so you’ll have the right kind of brush in a specific part of the car. 

Not Needed In A Car Detailing Kit Anymore Detailing Brushes


And to tell you the truth, stubborn grime that’s been in the car for years can be removed just by a simple brush-off. You can end up brushing your heart out with your backs hurting trying to clean off hard-to-reach areas. 

Think of under the car seats, under the glove box, the angle connecting the windshield and the dashboard, the pedals, and around it. 

Whereas if you use a car cleaning gun, not only will you need just one tool for different parts of the car, you also won’t have to spend hours trying to get rid of hardcore dirt. 

A car cleaning gun 3 ways to clean a surface in one go. 

  1. The cleaning solution you mix with the water inside the container. 
  1. The high-speed oscillating tube powered by the air compressor produces a strong wind force.
  1. The brush attached to the mouth of the nozzle. 

Imagine that? 3 cleaning powers done in one time!

Lots of pro detailers now realize car cleaning guns are a must-have for their car detailing kits. It has given them the satisfaction of doing and fast and efficient car cleaning. 

Pro Detailer Use Car Cleaning Guns


Try it out yourself! It’s the one tool that substitutes for a whole lot of tools in your car detailing kit. 

Best of all, it works more effectively than the traditional way of cleaning cars!

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