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  • 14 Must-Haves In Your Car Detailing Kit

    Today, we’re listing down the car detailing arsenals you can’t do without. And some that aren’t necessary but can make your work faster and more efficient. (you can save up and invest for these later)

    We’ll list down: 

    • Basic tools
    • Interior cleaners
    • Exterior cleaners
    • Interior equipment
    • Exterior equipment

    If you want a comprehensive list of all the things you’ll need to clean both the interior and exterior of your car or your client’s, this post is for you. 

  • How To Remove Bug Guts And Splats From Your Car

    Bug splats are an awful sight to look at. Worse than that, it can damage your paintwork permanently. 

    So I compiled bug splat removal techniques from 3 pro car detailers and some additional research on alternative techniques and cleaning solutions you can try. 

  • 5 Steps In Detailing Your Engine Bay (Comprehensive Guide)

    This post is an in-depth guide in detailing your car’s engine bay. 

    In this engine bay detailing guide, we’ve sectioned it into 5 digestible steps to make it easier for you to follow. 

    We’ll also cover frequently asked questions like:

    • What to cover when cleaning the engine
    • What cleaning products to use and if it’s safe to use WD-40
    • How to avoid damaging the engine and electronics
    • If the engine should be cleaned hot or cold
    • And in which parts you use a hose and a pressure washer

    If you want your engine bay to look as awesome as when you first got it, this guide is for you. 

  • How To Remove Smell From Car (Handy Guide)

    We’ve compiled together smell eliminating solutions from Google’s top searches on the topic. This will provide you with a wide range of cleaning options to get rid of that awful smell in your car. 

    In this post, we’ll cover: 

    • Common causes of car odor and how to fix them
    • 4 Bonus odor eliminating solutions for your car
    • How you can stop the smell from developing before it starts
  • A Car Service Hack That Gets Auto Mechanics More Patrons

    If you’re an independent or freelance auto mechanic, how can you get more clients?

    In this post we’ll go over: 

    • Auto mechanic competition
    • Why and how auto mechanics should provide more value
    • What add-on service to offers
    • What customer satisfaction can do for you

    If you’re ready to grow your client line, this post is for you.

  • The Car Detailing Hack Every Car Owner Should Know About

    Most people would find driving stressful and even a cause for road rage. Many get easily irked with drivers with poor driving habits and heavy traffic. 

    In this post we’re going over:

    • How cleaning your car can be therapeutic
    • The car cleaning tool that helps you minimize stress

    If you want to know how a car wash can be relaxing, this post is for you.

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