Spot Car Carpet Cleaning (The Right Way To Do It)

Spot Car Carpet Cleaning

Even with dark-colored carpets, food, grease, pet pee, and other liquid stains can create unsightly dried-out marks of the spill. Worst, moldy smell turning into a lingering odor inside your car that cannot be overthrown even with the most pleasant smelling air freshener can develop. 

So in today’s post, we’ll give you a quick and easy 6-step process of removing tough spot stains in your car’s carpeting. 

After you finish reading this, you’ll get clear actionable steps to work with quickly so you can start saying goodbye to your car carpet’s unsightly look. 

Stick to the end to know the tricks. 

Why Clean Car Carpet Stains?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, stained carpets aren’t just awful to look at, they also cause unwanted smells inside your car. 

If you find and clean these stubborn car carpet stains, you’ll make your car floor look cleaner and encourage you to keep the whole interior cabin dirt-free. 

Psychologically, it’ll also help you drive stress-free. A cluttered car can seem harmless, but it can actually add more stress to your day. 

Test it out. Try keeping your car clean for a week, and leave it dirty a week after. Observe what it does to your mood. 

Also, best of all, if you spot clean carpet stains, you won’t be allowing the metal floor under the carpet to start rusting. Another reason why your car’s aesthetics and overall value will plummet. 

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Step 1: Take Out Car Mats And Loose Trash

It’s way easier to treat the car carpet without the trash and car mats around. This also allows you to clean the car mats and declutter the car cabin. 

Step 2: Vacuum The Carpet

Some kinds of dirt are small enough to be taken out by hand, for this you’ll need a vacuum to suck those up.  

Press the vacuum firmly in every nook and cranny on the carpet to draw out stubborn dust. Work your way under the seats by sliding the seats back. Make sure to include the space behind the pedals too. 

vacuuming for car carpet spot cleaning

Step 3: Assess The Stain

Before you apply a carpet cleaning solution, it’s wise to examine the kind of stain the carpet has first. Ask questions like:

  • Is my carpet made of synthetic or natural fiber?
  • What is the stain made of?
  • Does the stain look easy or tough to remove? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you use the right car carpet cleaner for the job. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up using the wrong kind of cleaner that will cause more harm than good to your car’s carpet. 

Step 4: Treat The Stains

With all the loose dirt gone, now it’s time to treat the spot stain.  

At this point, you already need to assess the stain first. But what’s the right cleaner for it? Check out our other blog that talks about 8 DIY car carpet cleaner solutions for different kinds of carpet material and stains. 

Or if you prefer to use store-bought ones, here’s a blog that lists 5 of the best car carpet cleaners you can buy in a car care shop. 

Use the car cleaning gun to apply the cleaner if it doesn’t come in a spray bottle. Using the car cleaning gun also allows you to skip the step of using a brush after treatment to agitate the stain. 

This high-pressure detailing tool will pre-agitate the contaminant while applying the cleaner at the same time. 

After application, leave the cleaner on the carpet for at least 10 minutes. 

Tip: While letting the carpet cleaner sit, use the time to clean off the car mats you took out earlier so you don’t bring any dirt back from the car mats to the carpeting inside the car. 

When done letting it sit for some time, you can now blot off the excess moisture with a paper towel or microfiber towel.  

Even better if you use the car cleaning gun’s air-only function to blow off excess moisture faster. 

If the cleaner you use requires rinsing, use the car cleaning gun with water on the container to do so and turn the know to air-only afterward to help dry it off quickly. 

Step 5: Clean The Remaining Carpet Surface

Use the car cleaning gun again to apply the carpet cleaner of your choice to the rest of the surface.  

car cleaning gun for car carpet spot cleaning

You can go over the treated surface earlier for a second application to ensure no stain is left.  

Just like the 4th step, if you’re using a no-rinse carpet cleaner, use the car cleaning gun’s air-only function to blow off the excess moisture. 

If you’re using a carpet cleaner that needs rinsing, you can use the car cleaning gun for this too and turn the valve to dry the carpet surface off. 

Step 6: Dry Thoroughly

It’s important to dry off the cleaned carpets completely so it doesn’t exacerbate any rust build-up on the metal car flooring or cause mold and mildew to develop. 

The car cleaning gun does a lot of help in speeding up the drying time but you still have to air-dry after using the jet cleaner. 

To do this, leave the car doors open until the carpet is completely dry. 

When you’re sure the carpet has dried thoroughly, you can bring in the car mats again. 

Last Thoughts

Don’t leave cleaning stains thinking they’re too tasking to take off. If you do so, you’ll leave unsightly marks from liquids that could damage your carpets and the metal flooring underneath them. 

Added to that, if you plan on reselling your car in the future, these stains can cause your car’s value to go down or cause potential buyers to back out seeing they’ll still need to get some work done to make the car look clean and new again. 

You can avoid all that if you take care of spills and stains early on.  

Try out this 6-step car carpet spot cleaning for yourself, removing stubborn stains is not as hard as you think it is. 

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