The Must-Have Car Detailing Tool For Every Car Owner And Enthusiast

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Nothing beats driving a car that looks, smells, and feels brand new, even if it’s a few years old. 

This post will cover:

  • Why you need car detailing
  • What car detailing involves
  • A professional car detailing tool that gets the job done fast and efficiently

If you want to find out how you can make your car spick and span in no time, this post is for you.

Let’s dive right in!

How do you feel when you open your car door to a stinky, dusty, and worn-out looking interior? I highly doubt you’ll feel confident inviting people riding with you, let alone drive it. 

In 2016 alone, the US Census Bureau notes 8 million vehicles washed per day. Imagine how much the number has multiplied in 5 years!

This clearly shows car owners want to drive a clean and good smelling car. 

In comes the need for car detailing. 

5 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Detailing

A clean car makes you feel good about driving it. Still, there are a few more important reasons why your car needs to be detailed. 

1. Better Mental Health

It doesn’t just simply make you feel good. A clean car helps keep you focused and inspires you to be organized. 

Ask yourself: 

Will you like your home to have dusty floors, smelly comfort rooms, greasy kitchens, and cluttered furniture?

Of course not!

The same principle goes for cars. 

Most times, you use your car to drive to work. It sets the tone of how you’ll perform on the job. 

If first thing in the morning, you drive to work in a spick and span car, you’ll be more inspired to do organize your tasks for the day.

2. Better Physical Health

Over time dirt builds up in your car. You’ll get residue and dust not just on the outside surface of your car, but also on the seats, dashboard, and floor. 

This results in bad air quality. If you have asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems, a dusty car aggravates it. Worse, if you haven’t experienced it yet, a dusty car can be the start. 

Who likes to drive sneezing every single minute? 


3. It Keeps You Safe

Car windows, windshields, and mirrors covered in dust will most likely cause an accident. If you keep them clean, you’ll see everything around you better. You’ll be aware of cars too close to yours and move away to a safer distance. 

Additionally, clean headlights and taillights give you better illumination on the road, a must when driving at night or in bad weather. 

4. Better Fuel Economy

Dirt build-up drives our engine to work harder than usual. 


Because this accumulated layer of dirt increases car drag thus decreasing your fuel economy. 

How about that, a clean car helps you avoid paying up for more fuel. 

5. Makes Your Car Last Longer

A spick and span car have benefits extending to your engine. It doesn’t just avoid damage from dust and debris build-up, it also helps you find any looming danger. 

When your car is clean, you and your mechanic can find leaking valves easier. It also helps you find loose fasteners and bolts you wouldn’t easily notice if the surface is covered in dirt and grime. 

In the future, if you ever decide to sell your car, it will also protect its resale value. 

5 Reasons Why Your Car Need Detailing infographic


Now you may ask, what does car detailing involve?

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is a must.

The inside of the car has most of the challenging surfaces to clean. 

interior detailing


You have the dusty inner roof, floor fabric, and muddy floor mats. 

You get soiled seats from spills especially when you have kids around.

You also have nooks and crevices on the dashboard, cup holders, compartments, and air conditioners. Plus, stained seatbelt from sweat. 

Interior detailing your car will help make these hard to clean areas spick and span making your car look like the first time you got it from the car dealer.

Exterior Detailing

Car detailing, especially the outside surfaces of your car start by washing and drying before you can polish it to shine. 

exterior detailing


You can’t do the latter unless you get rid of all the dirt, dust, and grease first. 

Like I mentioned earlier, outside surfaces like the windshields, windows, mirrors, and lights need to be kept clean for a safe drive. 

Clean fenders and hood grilles also keep the engine from accumulating dirt. 

Top that off with the wheels and the under chassis which gets all of the dust and mud from the road. 

Washing these surfaces can take a lot of time especially with stubborn dirt. 

With all of the surfaces you need to clean on the inside and outside of your car, you can use up a huge amount of time to make your car look brand new. 

Using a car cleaning gun to wash these areas will cut your cleaning time in half. 

What Is A Car Cleaning Gun?

A car cleaning gun is a car detailing tool used together with an air compressor to wash vehicles. It has an oscillating tube inside a cone-shaped nozzle powered by the air compressor to dislodge dirt on the surface cleaned. 

The high air pressure breaks up grime and dust to clean the inside and outside of your car. 

You can add a cleaning solution with water on the container that’s fit for the surface washed to clean it fully. 

Unlike the manual way of washing cars using buckets and cleaning cloth, using a car cleaning gun allows you to use less cleaning equipment and cuts your cleaning time significantly so you spend your time on more important events like bonding with family and friends. 

Car cleaning guns are not just for car owners. It’s also for carwash business owners, auto repair technicians, and owners.  

Pro detailers are using Joint Stars Cannon car cleaning gun and are satisfied with its results. 

3 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Car Cleaning Gun

Why spend on a car cleaning gun when you can use the usual bucket and cloth? For 3 key reasons: it’s fast, efficient, and versatile. 

1. Using a car cleaning gun saves time

The manual way of washing your car will require you to wet all areas first, wipe all the surfaces with soap, and brush all nooks and crevices until the dirt comes off.

It takes an awful lot of time. The time you can spend on more important tasks of the day. The less time you spend cleaning your car, the faster you finish other errands for the day, and the more time you can spend with family and friends. 

2. It’s efficient

Not only does using a car cleaning save time, but it also makes the work efficient. 

Tight spots can make it hard to clean some areas of your car like cup holders, air conditioning, and compartments. Using a car cleaning gun efficiently cleans those areas minus the hassle. 

3. It’s versatile

A car cleaning gun doesn’t just clean one part of your car, but most of it. 

For large surfaces like the car body, you’ll need a cloth to wipe it with soap and another to wipe it dry, for crevices you’ll need a brush, you also need at least 2 buckets, and so much more equipment to clean certain parts of the car. 

You can clean all these areas with just the car cleaning gun and 1 cloth to wipe the surface dry. 

Cloth, plastic, metal, or vinyl, whatever surface it is, you can use a car cleaning gun for it. 

It's way more convenient than using tons of other tools. (which you have to clean too after using)

If you’re asked: what is the best and quickest way to wash a car? 

The answer is simple: a car cleaning gun. 

Brand New Look For Your Car In A Jiffy

Did you know using a car cleaning is an ingenious car cleaning hack?

Cleaning tires alone, especially completely muddy ones can take you up to an hour to clean. I’m not just talking about the rubber, but also the rims- front and back. 

That’s just one part of your car, imagine how much you’ll spend cleaning the rest?

Yes! A car cleaning gun does a lot of things in such a short period. Best of all you get satisfying results!

This car cleaning shortcut doesn’t only help you spend your time wisely, it also gets your car ready to hit the road safely while you drive with pride and confidence. 

Want to turn a dirty and worn-out looking car into a pristine looking one quickly? A car cleaning gun is your solution. 

4 Things To Look For In A Car Cleaning Gun

You can find a handful of car cleaning guns in the market, but which one should you pick?

Here are some points you should keep in mind. 

1. It must have a strong cleaning power. 

If it doesn’t, it makes the whole equipment useless.

2. It shouldn’t just help you wash your car but help you to dry it as well. 

One important thing to check when choosing a car cleaning gun is if you can use it to just blow air on the surface after you use it to clean the surface with a cleaning agent. 

3. Must be a bang for your buck. 

It should be affordable but highly effective. 

Tornador is a widely known brand of a car cleaning gun but it can be heavy on the pocket. 

Many have used the Joint Stars Cannon car cleaning gun as a Tornador alternative since it’s “more forgiving on the wallet” but works just the same. 

Why pay for more when you can have the same quality for something that costs less?

4. Must have good customer support.

The satisfaction you get shouldn’t stop by the time you use the car cleaning gun. A good car detailing equipment must have superb customer support to help you with any concerns you have with your tool. 

Aftercare services are vital. It means the difference between getting the best value for your money and unnecessarily spending more. 

Join Stars Cannon car cleaning gun provides you with customer support 24/7 to assist you with any concerns you have with your car cleaning gun. 

4 Things To Look For In A Car Cleaning Gun infographic


There’s no doubt a car cleaning gun is a must-have car detailing tool in 2021. It helps your car stay in its best condition and best of all makes your life easier. 

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