Quick Guide: How Car Owners Can Detail Their Cars Faster Than Before

Quick Guide How Car Owners Can Detail Their Cars Faster Than Before


A thorough car clean takes time. 

Those are the words you’d use to say. But not anymore. 

If you’re a car owner who would want a quick and meticulous car wash done at home but with a pro finish, you’ll have to use what the pros use. 

In this post you’re going to find out:

  • How you can maintain your car’s fresh new look
  • How you can get a secondhand car a spick and span makeover
  • How using a car cleaning gun will be fast and efficient

If you want to know the answers, let’s jump right in!

If You’ve Bought A Secondhand Vehicle

In many cases, a thorough clean gets neglected in secondhand cars, especially if they’re 5 years and older. 

How Car Owners Can Detail Their Used Cars Faster Than Before


Yes, the seller would give it a first glance spick and span look. But once you bought it and get the chance to check every nook and crevice around, you’ll realize how much it needs a deep clean. 

Some make pro detailers do the job, but others want to do it themselves. 

Are you one of them?

You see, the process of restoring a secondhand car to its glory look forms a bond between the vehicle and the owner. 

It’s easy to say it’s love at first sight for brand new cars, but it’s not always the case for pre-owned cars. 

With secondhand cars, seeing how you transformed it from a used-looking car to a brand new-looking one will make you fall in love with it. 

And so many opt to do car detailing themselves. 

But the job won’t be easy-peasy. There are a lot of parts to clean. 

  1. The dashboard and center console with all the nooks and crevices.
  1. The air conditioning system that accumulated a lot of dust through the years.
  1. The interior car door pockets that heaped-up dirt and grime.
  1. The floor mats and interior flooring with layers of mud and grime.
  1. The car upholstery that most likely had a history of drink, food, and other liquid spill stains. 
  1. The interior ceiling, the most neglected surface when it comes to cleaning. 
  1. The seat belt straps that absorbed all the sweat from the previous owner. 
How Car Owners Can Detail Their Dirty Cars Faster Than Before


These are just some of the parts that need deep cleaning. And these are just on the car’s interior!

If You Want To Maintain Your Car’s Fresh New Look

It’s impossible to keep contaminants out of the car especially if you use it every day. 

In and outcome the mud and dirt from shoes, the take-out food and coffee, and the grocery with wet goods. Almost everything you bring in and out of your car either leaves dust, stain, or smell. 

Failing to look after these things will leave you with a grimy, dirty, and smelly car. 

I highly doubt you’d love to drive it around especially if you have someone else riding with you. 

Interestingly, if you keep your car regularly cleaned, it will benefit your physical and mental health, plus your safety when driving the car.

Find out the 2 other benefits of the article The Must-Have Car Detailing Tool under the 5 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Detailing. 

A Car Cleaning Gun For A Faster And Efficient Overall Car Clean

With all the parts that need cleaning in your car, you’ll need a tool that does the job half the time people used to spend cleaning their cars. 

Nope, extra buckets, wash mitts, and detailing brushes aren’t the solution. 

You might be shocked to know there’s little use to these tools nowadays. 

When using a car cleaning gun, at best, you’ll just need one bucket for water to rinse away the dirt and grime dislodge from the car surface that got stock on the interior of the car cleaning gun nozzle. 

The Quick Way To Detail Your Car

Unlike before when you used to wet the area first, treat the surface with a cleaning solution, scrub with brushes and mitts, and finishing with a towel to get rid of excess water you’ll now be able to reduce the steps into 2. 

What’s better is, you don’t have to go back to a surface, again and again, to wet, scrub, and dry. Using a car cleaning gun, you just have to go over the surface once. 

After spraying the area with this tool and wiping it to dry, you’ll be done with the job. 

Imagine how much time you’ll be able to save from cleaning your car which you can use to do more important stuff like finish errands and better yet, spend time with your family.

Why Is A Car Cleaning Gun Effectively Fast?

The old way of getting rid of stubborn dirt is to soften the dirt first with a cleaning solution then wiping or brushing of the surface until the dirt, grime, or stain is removed. 

If you’ve tried cleaning stains before, you know how tedious stubborn stains can get. You’ll end up spending a whole lot of time just to clean that one area with stubborn stain. 

Imagine if the whole car is covered in it!

That’s not the only problem you’ll get. As you wipe or brush surfaces down, the swirls and scratches can exponentially grow too. 

How Car Owners Can Detail Their Cars Faster Than Before Without Swirls And Scratches


Even if you start with a clean towel, once contaminants stick to it, you risk scratching the surface with the towel that has dirt stuck to it. 

On the other hand, if you use the car cleaning gun, the oscillating tube powered by the air compressor will dislodge even the most stubborn dirt without touching the surface. 

And don’t worry about the dirt flying everywhere, the nozzle limits the spread of the dirt so you don’t have to clean nearby surfaces again and again. 

Last Thoughts

Quick isn’t it? 

Not only does it dislodge layers of dirt and grime in a jiffy, but it also eliminates unnecessary steps so you can finish washing your car in no time. 

With a car cleaning gun, you don’t only save time, you also save money from spending for a trip to a car detailing shop. 

A car cleaning gun is every car owner’s must-have!

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