How to Clean A Very Dirty Car Carpet (Getting Rid Of Mud)

How to Clean A Very Dirty Car Carpet


Getting the car carpets dirty is something you cannot avoid. 

This part of the car rarely gets in touch with anything but the bottom of dirty shoes and pet paws. 

The truth of the matter is, car carpets are time and again a passed-over chore for most car owners. (maybe because cars usually have an extra layer of protection aka the floor mats) 

But cleaning it is important because unwanted splashes and stains can land on the carpets. If you use cloth-material floor mats, wet contaminants will seep through them. Keeping car carpets clean will protect not just their integrity but also the metal floor beneath them. 

This is especially the case during the rainy season. Your carpet doesn't just get wet, it can also get really muddy. 

It’s not the end of the world though. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can clean a very dirty carpet from a thick layer of mud. 

If you want to get your car carpets spick and span again, this post is a must-read for you. 

Step 1: Let The Mud Dry

It might seem counter-intuitive but the truth is, it isn’t. It’s easier to clean a mud-infested car carpet when it’s dry because most of the thick dirt will flake off in chunks and you can remove it by hand.

If it’s wet, trying to clean it might make the mud seep deeper into the material as you rub it. If you want to, you can blot the mud gently using a towel to minimize the moisture soaking deeper into the carpet. 

When you’ve blotted out most of the mud, allow it to dry completely. 

Step 2: Scrape Of The Dried Mud

When the mug is thoroughly dry, scrape it off the carpet’s surface using a card. It can be an old credit card, an old ID card, or even a playing card. As you scrape the mud flakes off, use a vacuum to suck up the loose dirt. 

If you haven’t bought a car cleaning gun yet, some of the packages have handheld vacuums as a freebie so get one yours now!

Keep scraping and vacuuming until there is no more visible mud you can take off. When you finish, it’s time for step 3. 

Step 3: Mix The Cleaning Solution

In a container, mix 240 mL of water with 5 mL of dishwashing detergent. You can use either warm or cold water for this but never hot. 

How water can cause the stain to set, making it harder to remove it from the carpet. After mixing the solution, transfer it to the container of the car cleaning gun. 

Keep in mind that the mixture above is for pure mud. If you notice other stains on your carpets. Here’s a list of the best store-bought carpet cleaners you can use. And also a list of carpet cleaner mixtures you can make at home

There’s an appropriate cleaner for different kinds of carpet material and carpet stains, check out the links I mentioned above to find out the most effective cleaners you can use. 

Step 4: Apply The Carpet Cleaner

Using the car cleaning gun, apply the carpet cleaner on the surface. You can use it together with the brush attachment for the nozzle so you can agitate the stain more as strong airpower is applied on the surface. 

cleaning dirty carpet


After a thorough coverage of the cleaner, use a clean towel to blot out excess moisture. If you still see traces of stains, run it over again with the car cleaning gun and blot afterward. 

Keep doing it until no traces of stains are present on the carpet. 

Step 5: Rinse With Cold Water

Replace the cleaning solution in the car cleaning gun container with pure water. Then rinse away using the equipment until all the carpet cleaner residue is gone. 

When done, blot out excess moisture with another clean towel. 

Step 6: Blast Dry Using The Car Cleaning Gun

Even after you blot out visible excess moisture, the carpet will still be wet. To expedite the drying time, use the car cleaning gun’s air-only option to blast away excess moisture that seeped into the carpet. 

Blot out as you see traces of the moisture from the blasting. Doing this step is important to delay the wear and tear of the carpet. 

Step 7: Air Dry

Leave the carpets to dry completely by keeping the car doors open. Doing so will help avoid the moldy smell. 

While waiting, you can also use this time to clean and dry the car mats. 

When all is dry, put the car mats back in the car and it’s now time to enjoy your spick, span, mud-free, and awesome smelling car.

Last Thoughts

Cleaning your car carpets ain’t so hard as long as you have the right tools to do the job fast. This is where the car cleaning gun comes in. It doesn’t just apply the cleaner, it also agitates the dirt, helps rinse and dry the carpets afterward. 

All the heavy lifting in cleaning car carpets is done for you by the car cleaning gun. So grab yours now!

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