4 Practical Tips To Clean Floor Mats And Car Carpets

4 Practical Tips To Clean Floor Mats And Car Carpets


We’ve pooled together a comprehensive list of ways to clean different kinds of floor mats and car carpets. With this, we’ll also offer suggestions on how you can efficiently make the work faster. 

Specifically, we looked into:

  • How manufacturer-installed car carpets are cleaned
  • How accessory floor mats are cleaned
  • What cleaning solutions and equipment to use

If you want a thorough clean for your floor mats and car carpets, this post will show you how. 

Now take a look at what we compiled for you. 

Why Floor Mats And Car Carpets Get Dirty

It’s impossible to keep floor mats and carpets squeaky clean. 

Dirt and grime inevitably stick to the sole of your shoes causing dirt to build up on your mats, spills happen, and some people get nauseous on car rides.

You’re up for some thick mud, oily food spills, and yucky vomits. 

Even on your best days, you’ll still bring in dirt inside your car. I cannot overemphasize enough why now is not the time for dirt build-up in your car.

Dirty Carpet And Floor Mat


Layers of dirt mean layers of germs. In times of a pandemic, these germs can get fatal. 

So cleaning your car’s floor mats and carpet is not something you should overlook. 

Manufacturer-Installed Car Carpets

The car carpets upholstered by the manufacturer in your car are either made of Essex or Cutpile. The choices don’t end with these 2. But all the other options are made mainly from nylon.

These carpets have loose strands that trap dirt dust and other debris. If not properly maintained, it can pile up layers of dirt, grime, and oil. 

And remember too, these pre-installed carpets are not made up of just 1 layer of material. It has multiple underlying layers that make the material more stable, durable, and flexible. 

If not cleaned, the dirt can penetrate deep into the other layers making it more difficult to make a thorough clean. 

Tip #1: You can do any or both of these things: clean the car carpets regularly or give it another layer of protection using accessory floor mats. 

But before moving on to the floor mats, let’s first talk about how you can give your car carpets an efficient wash. 

Option 1: Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for taking out stains. It also helps neutralize unpleasant odors from food, vomit, pet pee, and other kinds of filthy dirt. 

To clean using baking soda, you can either rub the powder directly into the carpet or mix it with water, and using a brush, scrub the carpet in portions until the stain is removed. 

Option 2: Soapy Water

Mix detergent powder or shampoo with water. 1:3 ratio will work well with 1 being the detergent. 

Then using a brush, scrub the carpet on small parts until you get rid of the dirt. After this step, rinse the carpet with water. 

The issue with this option is:

You can get the carpet too wet. Remember, it’s made up of layers of material bound together by adhesive. Getting it too wet can weaken the adhesive and loosen the layers destroying the carpet in the long run.

You don’t want to ruin the carpet of course because this will mean additional cost for you. 

Option 3: Car Cleaning Gun and Carpet Cleaning Solution (Recommended!)

Scrubbing surfaces can take you forever. 

And since the carpet is embedded into the car, you have to be flexible enough to duck into hard-to-reach portions of the carpet to give it a complete clean. 

At the end of the day, you can have a tingling sore back and an overworked strained arm from all the scrubbing. 

To avoid the hassle of straining your muscles and taking all day, use a car cleaning gun together with the soda solution, detergent solution, or a carpet-intended cleaner you can find on the local hardware. 

The car cleaning gun cleans not just with the cleaning solution and not just with the brush. Its best cleaning power is the compressed air that dislodges even the most stubborn dirt out from the surfaces.

Car Cleaning Gun


You don’t even have to worry about debris flying off anywhere because the nozzle catches all the dislodged dirt. 

It’s fast and efficient to use. You won’t have to spend hours brushing endlessly with a calloused arm. The car cleaning gun does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Plus, it won’t oversaturate the carpet. It only dispenses a controlled amount of cleaning mixture together with the compressed air so you can keep the carpet in its best condition for a very long time. 

Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats give the car floor an extra layer of protection. It helps avoid getting the interior carpet from getting too dirty. 

People have been asking how to restore car floor mats to make them look brand new. Here’s how you can do so for each type of floor mat. 

Rubber Floor Mats

Step 1: Take The Mats Out Of The Car

Car mats have loose dirt. If you clean it inside the car, loose dirt can fall to the upholstered carpeting making the wash work longer for you. 

Tip #2: When removing the floor mats from the car, fold it up a bit in the middle so it’s easier to take out and so you’ll have better control over where the loose dirt is going. 

Step 2: Remove Loose Dirt

Once the mat is outside the car, remove loose dirt by simply shaking the dirt off. 

Tip #3: When shaking off the dirt, move far away from the car so the dust that falls off doesn’t get swept away by the air and brought back inside the car. 

You can vacuum it too but if you have a car cleaning gun, you can skip the vacuum part because the car cleaning gun can easily remove dirt from the embossed parts of the mat where dirt sticks on the tiny corners. 

Step 3: Scrub The Mat With Cleaning Solution

Mix the cleaning solution with water and scrub the dirt away using a hard-bristled brush. Again, doing this manually can take ages, so to make more time for more important stuff, use a car cleaning gun. 

The car cleaning gun takes out stubborn dirt and caked-on debris from the mat in no time. 

Step 4: Rinse The Mat

If you manually do the scrubbing, rinse the rubber mats off with clean water. 

If you have a car cleaning gun, you can skip this step because with it you don’t have to use too much cleaning solution to make the mat too soapy. 

The car cleaning gun needs just a tiny amount of cleaning solution mixed with lots of water. The compressed air takes all the dirt out and the cleaning solution’s main role is to leave the mat germ-free. 

Step 5: Hang To Dry

If you manually rinsed the mat, shake it off to get rid of dripping water, and then hang it to dry. 

Hang To Dry Floor Mats


When it’s completely dry, you can bring it back to the car. 

If you have vinyl floor mats, just follow these steps to clean them too. 

Cleaning Floor Mat


Cloth Floor Mats

Cleaning cloth floor mats is a combination of the steps for the car carpet and rubber mats.

Cloth Floor Mats


Here’s how you get it done:

Step 1: Remove The Mat From The Car

Take the mat out of the car and to a safe distance away, preferably on a plain concrete floor. 

Step 2: Shake Off Loose Dirt

Shake the mat so the loose dirt falls off.  If you don’t have a car cleaning gun, it’s best to vacuum the mat because the material traps dirt on its strands, vacuuming it will remove that dirt. 

Step 3: Lint Roller

If you have pets on board the car, using a lint roller will remove the fallen fur from the mat. 

Step 4: Scrub The Mat

Using a cleaning solution mixed with 3 parts of water, scrub the stained surface until it’s visibly removed. Scrub in circles to avoid visible liquid stains. 

Better yet, use a car cleaning gun, it’s a sure way to force out the dirt deep in the mat strands the fastest. Plus it won’t leave the mat too wet so it’ll be faster to dry it. 

Tip #4: Don’t forget the edges where the sewn parts are. Lots of dirt gets trapped under it too. 

Floor Mat Edge

Step 5: Rinse And Dry

Rinsing is required if you do the scrubbing manually. Not anymore when you use a car cleaning gun. 

After rinsing, hang the mat to dry. Cloth floor mats take longer to dry than rubber floor mats, using the car cleaning gun lessens the drying time exponentially. 

Cleaning your car’s floor mats shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. (or in the back and arms) If you use a car cleaning gun your car carpet and floor mats will get the wash they need without getting too much hassle for you.

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