A Smart Strategy That Drives More Daily Customers For Your Car Wash Shop

A Smart Strategy That Drives More Daily Customers For Your Car Wash Shop


How can you keep your car wash shop competitive?

This post will tell you of a good strategy to bring in more patrons for your car wash business. 

  • Why quality service is essential
  • What quality service means
  • How you can offer quality service half the time it used to take to do the job

If you’re interested in trying a new smart strategy, this one's for you.

Let’s dive right in. 

Bob works 8 hours a day, sometimes up to 10, and for 6 days a week. 

He leaves home in his car while the sun is still not high up and comes home long after the sun has set. 

He eats dinner with his family, sits in front of the TV to get a little rest, and tucks his kids to sleep before getting his snooze.

If you're someone whose daily dynamics are like Bob’s, you’d probably agree that 24 hours a day isn’t always enough. 

Many times, there’s not enough time to spend with family. 

So why would anyone waste hours on the only day you’re off work to clean their car when it’s better spent bonding with family and friends?

My point?

Getting a car cleaned shouldn’t take up too much time. This is the main reason why it gets neglected in the weekly chores. 

And frankly, we can’t afford bacteria or virus build-up in a time where it has a cost and continues to cost so many lives. 

If you own a car wash or a car detailing shop, what does this mean for you?

Quality Service Is Essential In The Car Cleaning Industry

Bob wants to make his life easier. He needs to get his car cleaned thoroughly, but he doesn’t want to spend hours on it. 

How can your car wash business be a solution to his concern? And practically, to every car owner’s concern?

Quality service leads to satisfied customers. 

When Bob is satisfied with how you clean his car, you can look forward to seeing him again in the weeks to come.

A Smart Strategy That Drives More Daily Customers Satisfied Client


Even greater, when Bob is so pleased with how good your service is, he’ll tell you about your business to family, friends, and coworkers.

Word of mouth advertising is still one of the best marketing tactics your business can benefit from.

You don’t only increase your revenue from Bob coming back to you, again and again, you also increase it when Bob’s referrals come to you for their car wash needs. 

Imagine how one satisfied client can bring in more revenue for you. And it just continues to grow exponentially as his referrals have referrals too. 

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What A Quality Car Wash Means

A quality car wash doesn’t just end with a thorough clean. A quality car wash also means you do an exhaustive clean in the shortest period possible.

Remember, Bob has a lot of other important things to spend his time on, that’s why he came to your car wash. 

Traditionally, a thorough car clean can mean hours of work. 

You have to go and clean all the nooks and crevices on the interior from the interior ceiling to the dashboard to the center console, to the upholstery, interior doors, and floor mats. 

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That’s just the inside, you also have to do the exterior too, and sometimes, even the engine bay and the underside of the car will be requested to get cleaned. 

(Bob is a meticulous car owner)

And the waiting games go on as you wait for the different surfaces to dry. 

But what if you can do all these, clean all the nooks and crevices, inside and outside, half the time car wash shops used to take to do a thorough clean?

Think about the benefits.

You don’t just finish with a quality service that encourages referrals, you also get to serve more clients daily. 

Let’s say you have 4 car wash teams that work simultaneously every hour and your shop is open 8 hours a day. 

If you used to serve 32 vehicles on the daily basis, cutting the cleaning time in half while not compromising the quality service, will mean twice as many cars served every day. 

From 32 to 64 vehicles, your revenue doubles daily. 

Exciting in theory right? But how can you make it happen?

Quality Car Wash Service Half The Time Other Shops Can Offer

A faster car wash can happen if you have the right equipment

You’ll only have it, once you know it exists. 

An increasing number of car wash services, including car detailing services have now adapted to a revolutionary tool that replaces many of the tools and procedures you had to do.

A Smart Strategy For Your Car Wash Shop Use Car Cleaning Guns


You won’t need too many buckets, a handful of microfiber towels, wash mitts, and a whole set of detailing brushes anymore. 

Using a car cleaning gun, you don’t have to go through the process of going around the car to wet and soap it up, going around again to rinse it, and yet again to dry it. 

With a car cleaning gun, you’ll only have to go around the car once which saves a substantial amount of time. 

Plus using a car cleaning gun means dispensing just a controlled amount of cleaning liquid to parts of your car. Just enough which means you don’t get it too wet.

The car cleaning gun uses mainly compressed air, not water as the means to clean surfaces and remove stubborn dirt. Drying time also wouldn’t take as long as it used to. 

The best part is, a car cleaning gun can assure a thorough clean. It specialized in cleaning nooks and crannies so even your air conditioning vent gets freed from dust. 

Amazingly, using a car cleaning gun gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Check this video out: 


Most car wash shops won’t bother meticulously cleaning the interior ceiling and stained upholstery because it can be an exhausting job when done manually. 

However, if you have a car cleaning gun as part of your car wash tools, you won’t hesitate to confidently remove stubborn stains because it will be done in a jiffy. 

Other car wash services won’t offer it, but you can. 

At the end of the clean, Bob will not just be satisfied with how in-depth you have cleaned his car, but also with how fast you were able to do it, leaving him a lot of time to spend with what matters most to him, his family. 

A Smart Strategy That Drives More Daily Customers


One satisfied customer will result in a whole lot of patrons, and of course, more sales. 

The fast and efficient car wash a car cleaning gun can provide is surely a smart strategy to bring in more clients for your car wash business. 

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