A Car Service Tool That Gets Auto Repair Shops Ahead Of Competition

A Car Service Tool That Gets Auto Repair Shops Ahead Of Competition


A good impression matters in a car repair shop’s revenue. 

Sure, every auto repair shop can assess a car’s problem and get it fixed. 

Most adapt to the latest technology. They also have experienced and trustworthy mechanics to do the job.

These are the very basic selling points for a car repair shop to drive income. 

But how can you get ahead? How can you get clients to choose you over your competitors?

In this post we’re going over:

  • How reputation is related to revenue for car repair shops
  • How a freebie service can drive more clients
  • How to make it fast and easy using a professional car cleaning tool

If you’re pumped to find out about how you can scale your auto repair shop revenue, this post is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Reputation Matters When It Comes To Car Repair Shop Revenue

The common services a car repair shop offers are:

  1. Tire change
  2. Wheel balance or alignment
  3. Brake work
  4. Oil change
  5. Battery replacement
  6. Air filter replacement
  7. Oil change
  8. Engine tune-up
  9. Scheduled maintenance work
  10. Damage assessment and its fix

And other times, they also offer car detailing services for a separate price. 

Almost every car repair shop can get these jobs done. But to get ahead, you have to take the extra mile. 

What does that mean?

You need to provide more value for clients. A value that your competition doesn’t offer. 

This sets the edge for you. This gets you the reputation that will keep clients coming back to you. 

In the long run, this extra value you offer won’t just bring in referrals from satisfied clients, it will also mark your brand in the car repair industry. 

But how can you give this value to your clients?

Free Car Cleaning Service To Drive More Traffic For Your Car Repair Shop

You might think this can mean more cost and more time. But I’ll explain why it can do you more good in the long run. 

You see, common causes for car owners to bring their car to repair shops is either the car overheats or it has leaks. 

Car Cleaning Gun For Engine Overheat And Leaks


An overheating car engine can be caused by a build-up of dust and grime encasing the whole engine.

Also, many leaks are not easily found unless the engine bay gets a thorough clean. 

In one way or another, you’ll have to get the car cleaned as part of the repair service. 

So why not just invest a little in professional car cleaning equipment so you can offer this service to every car that comes in for repair?

Yes, it can mean a bit more cost for your end. 

But just think of how much revenue it can generate if your clients get satisfied not just by how you fixed their car, but also because you gave them something of extra value for free. 

Clients will always go for services that give them more value for their money. They’d even go out of their way to tell friends and family about it. 

This means more potential clients for you. 

And when the word gets out, you’ll be known as the car repair service that offers more than just a simple repair. 

This will build your brand in the car repair industry. 

Will An Extra Service Like A Car Wash Be Too Tasking?

No, a free car wash to top off your car repair service won’t be too exhausting. This is because you won’t have to do the traditional car wash process. 

By using a car cleaning gun, you can get the car wash done in 30 minutes or less. 

Car Cleaning Gun To Clean Engine Bay


Plus, you won’t need too much pieces of equipment to get the job done. 

You’ll just need at least 5 things:

  • Car cleaning gun
  • Air compressor
  • 1 bucket of water for rinsing the car cleaning gun nozzle
  • Cleaning solution
  • 1 microfiber towel to dry off the extra water

Unlike the traditional way of washing cars that takes you hours to finish, with a car cleaning gun, you won’t need more than 1 bucket, wash mitts, and detailing brushes. 

Think Of This Scenario...

Paul was about to leave his house when he realized his car won’t start. He checked for problems, but he can’t find any. 

He has no choice but to get it towed to a car repair shop. 

By this point, Paul is already frustrated because he’ll have to miss work to get his car fixed. 

Now as a car repair shop owner, think of what you can do for Paul.

You can simply assess the problem and get it fixed. (The car might even be left greasy from the fix)

Then Paul will pay up and head out but still frustrated with the inconvenience his broken car brought him. 

But think about this:

Imagine how Paul would feel when after he pays up, he heads back to his car and realized it isn’t just fixed but is also sparkling clean. 

No more stains on the floor mats, upholstery, and interior ceiling. 

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No more dust on the center console, air conditioning, dashboard, windows, and windshield.

No grease, dirt, and stains left from the repair.

Car Cleaning Gun For Client Value In Repair Shop


Paul would be amazed! He would be pleased!

He paid up to get his car repaired, but he got even more for his money’s worth. Paul would no longer be frustrated, he’d now be pleased and satisfied. 

Not every car repair shop can do this for their clients, but you can!

When you leave every client as pleased and as satisfied as Paul, word-of-mouth advertising will start working for you. 

More people will know about your services. You’ll get returning clients and new clients. 

And at the end of the month, your revenue will grow exponentially! All because you dared to spend on a less than $50 professional car cleaning tool that gets a car wash done fast and thoroughly. 

For spending a little bit more on equipment, you’ll scale your revenue that will cover more than what you spent for added equipment. 

A Car Cleaning Gun Gets Auto Repair Shops Ahead Of Competition

Yes, your business's main job is to maintain and fix cars. But a car owner’s satisfaction is what will bring in income for you. 

A fixed car will get car owners relieved, but a fixed car that is returned to them in a brand-new spick and span look will guarantee satisfaction. 

The surprise factor of returning a car not just running smoothly but spotless in and out will set your edge over the competition. 

This will be the deciding factor for them to choose you over your auto repair shop competitors. 

The extra value you offer will get you more revenue in return. 

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