A Car Service Hack That Gets Auto Mechanics More Patrons

A Car Service Tool That Gets Auto Repair Shops Ahead Of Competition


With the growing number of consumers preferring personal mobility over public transport in a time of the pandemic, roads are saturated with cars. 

More cars on the road mean more cars needing repairs and maintenance work. 

So despite many industries scaling down manpower, the car service industry continues to thrive

But here’s something to think about:

If you’re an independent or freelance auto mechanic, how can you get more clients?

In this post we’ll go over: 

  • Auto mechanic competition
  • Why and how auto mechanics should provide more value
  • What add-on service to offers
  • What customer satisfaction can do for you

If you’re ready to grow your client line, this post is for you.

Let’s dive in.

Auto Mechanic Competition

Let’s face it, many car owners prefer an established repair shop over an individual auto mechanic who has no company to vouch for them. 

Confidence is almost automatic when you have a big repair shop working on your car. 

In this scenario, freelance car mechanics will most likely be on the losing end. 

The competition doesn’t end there. 

Even if you have a fair client base, other professional freelance auto mechanics will continue to compete for your clients. 

If both you and another car technician or a car repair shop fix the car just the same, how can you make potential clients choose you and current clients stay with you?

Auto Mechanics Should Provide More Value

Basically, every automotive mechanic can diagnose a car’s problem and fix it. Logically they have to, this is what car owners came to them for. 

Auto Mechanic Fixes Car


Other than being an auto mechanic who can maintain, inspect, and fix a car, you should also be able to perceive your client’s car needs more than what they came to you for. 

A common question a car owner may ask is how they can choose a good car mechanic. 

A good car mechanic should be able to: 

  • Good knowledge about the tools to be used. They should know when it’s best to use a screwdriver instead of drills. They should also be masters of pneumatic tools. 
  • Be up-to-date with the best car parts and modern products to improve the car’s performance. 
  • Have good problem-solving skills. They must be able to completely assess a car’s problem and offer the best solutions together with alternatives and maintenance solutions to keep the car in its best condition.
  • Have strong verbal communication. Other than being able to fix the car, they must also communicate the issues and the solutions with the car owner’s well so they can make the best choice in caring for their vehicle. 
  • Have good work ethics. They must be committed and industrious especially in times when many clients are needing their help. 

This is not a conclusive list, but this already gives you an idea of what a good mechanic can do for car owners. 

Any mechanic can do or develop these traits and skills. When they do, what more can you offer car owners so they’ll keep patronizing your services?

How can you be more than a good mechanic, how can you be the best car mechanic?

Provide Add-On Services

A car owner comes to you because they have car trouble that needs repair. 

Before they came to you, they probably had an errand that was not finished or a meeting that was canceled because their car couldn’t bring them to places where they should be. 

Car Owner Needs Auto Mechanic To Repair Car


Or they might be tight on the budget and spending on repairs would mean cutting off some of their funds for bills or groceries. 

You guessed it, a broken car always leaves the car owner upset. So they come to you to get it fixed. 

You’d be able to diagnose the car problem, offer options to fix it if there are several, get the work done, and finish off with maintenance tips. 

By the time you get the job done, you’ll have a relieved car owner. But there could still be a strand of disappointment left with how this unprecedented problem ruined their daily schedule. 

The canceled meeting can mean a business deal that wasn’t closed or the unfinished errand can mean an angry wife at home. 

Well, you can’t undo those kinds of damage, but you can get rid of or lessen the disappointment left in the car owner.


An add-on service. 

You see, a great car mechanic recognizes what customer value can do. It gives a car owner something out of the bad situation. More than being relieved, you can make the customer satisfied. 

Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important For Auto Mechanics?

Customer satisfaction will be a mood changer for an upset car owner. Giving value which is the add-on service will leave a mark on your client. 

You weren’t just able to fix their car, you can also fix their mood. 

Auto Mechanic With Satisfied Client


You see, a car that’s not just fixed, but also clean and tidy will mean a lot for car owners. 

It can do a great deal to unclutter their thoughts, issues, and concerns for the day. (A clean car is good for mental health)

They can go home with a clear mind so they can organize their thoughts to better pick up where they left off and fix the indirect damage done by the broken car. 

You probably get the idea now. The car service hack, the add-on service you should offer is getting your client’s car not just fixed but also cleaned. 

You might reason: this can take more time to do, I have other clients to take care of. 

Worry not. 

You don’t have to take hours to get your client’s car cleaned. By using a car cleaning gun, you can bring a fixed and spick and span car to your client in a jiffy. 

You don’t have to do the traditional car wash process, a car cleaning gun can integrate those steps into one. 

Best of all, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean your client’s car with car detailer results because a car cleaning gun can easily clean nooks and crevices and dislodge stubborn stains around the car fast.

And because it uses a mixture of compressed air and mist of cleaning solution, the surface won’t be overly saturated so it can dry easily. On many surfaces, a dry microfiber towel can get the job done. 

So you see, this add-on service won’t be a hassle to you if you use a car cleaning gun. 

You don’t finish a car wash fast, you also get super satisfied clients. (The car wash freebie will be a surprise to them)

And if a client gets super satisfied, he won’t just come back to you the next time they need help with their car, he’ll also be likely to tell others about it. 

Auto Mechanic Has Relieved And Satisfied Client


Word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way you know. This way you’ll have better client retention and you’ll gain new ones by simply doing an add-on service with the help of a car cleaning gun.

This car hack will get you, an independent auto mechanic more patrons. 

Just be sure to leave a calling card or a digital version of it. 

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