How Car Owners Are Disrupting A $10.1 Billion Industry

How Car Owners Are Disrupting A $10.1 Billion Dollar Industry


The car wash and auto detailing industry are reported to be a multi-billion dollar industry and for good reason. 

In this post we’ll talk about:

  • How current events are increasing car sales
  • What this trend means
  • How you are personally affected

If you want to know how the car wash industry affects you, this post is for you. 

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Car Sales Increased

A perspective article published by states that global car sales will steadily increase by around 2%. 

If you’re a car owner or a car service owner, what does this mean for you?

The Pandemic Is A Factor In The Increase Of Car Sales

In light of the current situation, consumers prefer personal vehicles as a mode for mobility rather than relying on public transport. 

Consumers Using Public Transport Shift To Public Mobility Affect Car Wash Industry


Public transport means riding in the same vehicle as strangers they aren’t guaranteed to be virus-free.

While nothing is ever guaranteed, avoiding public vehicles when possible is people’s way of lessening the chances of getting Covid-19. 

Fearing the higher risk of infection in public transportation, consumers who can least afford monthly plans for budget compact cars are grabbing deals just so they can have their personal mode of mobility. 

An article by notes the shift in preferring personal mobility over public transport factors into the auto-industry reviving from a 1.5% drop in sales during the pandemic. 

Frost and Sullivan, a market research firm, also mentioned in the Forbes article makes the same conclusion. 

In a nutshell, this means there will be more cars on the street. More cars will get dusty and grimy, and so more cars will need cleaning. 

The $10.1 Billion Industry

While there is an increase in car sales, the same is not true for the car wash and car detailing industry.

Buying cars is a necessity in times where health and safety are at risk. This can result in a major budget shift for families. 

Car Purchasing Trend Affecting Car Wash Industry


To ease the weight on the pocket, these car owners prefer to wash and clean their cars themselves rather than bringing them to a car wash or detailing shop. 

This causes the car wash and car detailing business to lose revenue. Sadly, many to the point of filing closure or bankruptcy. 

Home Car Wash Saves Money, But…

Here’s something else to think about:

Doing the car wash in the comforts of the garage can save money. But it can’t necessarily save time, especially for car owners who already have a jam-packed day ahead of them. 

A car wash will most likely be neglected until the mud, grime, and awful smell overtakes. 

However, when a car wash wouldn’t be a hassling part of the day, car owners will be more likely to do the routine regularly rather than waiting for an awful need for it. 

Come to think about it, if health and safety are causing the trend in more consumers buying their cars, doing a car wash is an essential part of the equation. 

You don’t want the bacteria and virus to build up in the car and a regular car wash helps to put health and safety at more unnecessary risks. 

How To Do A Fast And Efficient Car Wash And Detailing At Home

You won’t need a garage full of tools to get the job done. At best you’ll also need:

  •         Cleaning Solution
  •         1 bucket of water
  •         1 microfiber towel for drying
  •         Air compressor
  •         Car cleaning gun

A car cleaning gun can be an unfamiliar ring to you. For now. 

But you see, more and more car owners are getting their hands on this professional car cleaning tool because it gets the car wash done faster and more efficiently.  

No need to disrupt a big part of your day to get your car cleaned.

As you can see, there won’t be a need for many buckets, wash mitts, and even detailing brushes. Your car gets thoroughly clean, minus hours of work if you use a car cleaning gun. 

It gets rid of the traditional process where you wet your car to soften the dust, go around to cover it in cleaning solution, go around again to rinse it, and again for one last exhausting time to dry it. 

This 4-step process can now be done in 1 by using a car cleaning gun. Imagine the time it saves!

Plus, if you’re on for a detailer car finish, the car cleaning gun can clean nooks, crannies, and stubborn stains, inside, and outside, that only hours of scrubbing and brushing can do, a car cleaning gun gets the job done faster.

Now you can do this with ease in a satisfyingly shorter amount of time. 

Joint Stars Cannon provides quality yet affordable car cleaning guns so you can have your own without breaking the budget. 

The great thing is, when you get your equipment now, you’re in for freebies that might not be available later. 

Pro Car Detailers Also Use Car Cleaning Guns Too

Although more and more car owners are preferring to do an in-home car wash, this doesn’t mean the car wash and detailing industry should go into a steady decline in revenue. 

If you level up your game, your services, you won’t be out of the picture. 

Upping your game can mean you need to provide more value than you used to for your clients. 

Pro detailers use Joint Stars car cleaning gun


This can mean assuring them, their car gets the best care by having the best of what technology has to offer. 

This can also mean adding free services like free car wash clients. 

Joint Stars Cannon car cleaning gun used by pro detailers


This doesn’t need to harm your pocket thought, if you use a car cleaning gun, the job gets done faster and water consumption will be maintained to a minimum.

It won’t impede the fast service you want to provide for your clients. 

In fact, giving this free service can mean a word of mouth marketing for you. A referral does a lot of good in bringing in more clients and of course, this means more revenue. 

Investing in this professional car cleaning tool will not just be economical, but also game-changing for the current trend this car service industry is experiencing. 

Last Thoughts

Whether you’re a car owner or a car wash or detailing owner, a car cleaning gun is an invaluable tool to keep cars look spick and span in a short amount of time. 

Car owners will have a fast and convenient way to keep their cars cleaned and safe from bacteria and virus build-up. 

Car wash, car detailing, and even car repair services will have a way to reverse the current trend for the industry. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your car cleaning gun now to see for yourself how it benefits you!

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