5 Practical And Easy Steps To Detail Your Car's Interior

5 Practical And Easy Steps To Detail Your Car's Interior


At least 3 times a year, your car’s interior needs to be wash thoroughly or detailed so it can keep its pristine state. 

Many car owners wanting to wash and detail cars themselves, like you, always have a lot of questions in mind.  

Questions like:

  • How can I make my car look brand new?
  • How should I wash and polish my car interior fully?
  • What are some tips to clean the interior of my car?

And even more detailed questions such as: What is the best way to clean car seat stains? What is the best way to clean car mats? 

These questions are not limited to those who just had their car or who just started to detail their cars themselves.

The answers you find here can also benefit carwash and detailing business owners and auto repair service owners and technicians. 

To start, let’s define what interior car detailing is.

What Is Interior Car Detailing?

Interior car detailing is the process of cleaning the inner parts of your car thoroughly. It includes cleaning components like the dashboard, center console, door panels, interior roof, floor mats, floor carpets, and all the nooks and crannies inside the car. 

Car interior cleaning


Car interior detailing even requires more effort than exterior car detailing. 

Not just because the inside of the car has more components, but also because “outer beauty is nothing compared to inner beauty”. 

How Is Car Detailing Different From Car Washing?

Car detailing is more meticulous than car washing. It’s called car detailing for a reason because even the minute parts of the car need to be cleaned.  

While car washing focuses mostly on washing with soap, giving the outside of the car a fresh new look and a simple vacuuming and wiping on the inside, car detailing includes cleaning exhausts, air conditioning, switches, and all the crevices you think about. 

How Important Is It To Keep Your Car Interior Clean?

Car interior detailing doesn’t only benefit your car’s appearance. It’s also important to extend your car’s life span and also its resale value. 

It Benefits The Physical Appearance

A new car has a sparkle and shine that fades away in time as you use it. Car detailing will help revive its original look because the cleaning it gets includes getting rid of dirt, dust, stains, and odors. 

It Extends The Life Span

When detailing your car’s interior, contaminants that can cause damaged leather, vinyl, plastic, and paint will be removed. This helps to keep parts of your car from needing repairs and replacements. 

Extends The Resale Value

When your car is in its most pristine shape compared to others made in the same year, it depreciates at a lesser rate so the resale value will remain high if ever you decide to sell it in the future. 

Other than these 3, there are 4 other important reasons why you should detail your car’s interior. 

Get to know these 4 in the ebook version.

Now that we’ve laid down the need for interior car detailing, let’s now move on to the most exciting part, the 5 easy steps to detail your car’s interior. 

Detailing Your Car’s Interior In 5 Practical And Easy Steps

Detailing your car doesn’t have to be daunting. You can make things more practical and easier for you if you follow these 5 steps. 

Most car detailers and car washers are used to using several buckets, many cloths, and brushes to clean specific parts of the car’s interior. 

Did you know there’s a way to lessen the tools you need to detail or wash your car?

There is one car cleaning tool professionals use to make these 5 car detailing steps possible.  

Step 1: Empty The Car Interior

Take out things like trash, car documents and other papers, bottles, kid’s car seats, floor mats, and other items not originally attached to the car to make cleaning the interior seamlessly.

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Step 2: Clean The Car Interior Roof First

The best way to clean the interior and even the exterior of your car is to start from top to bottom. This is so that any falling dirt and other debris can still be cleaned. Plus you don’t have to go back again to parts you’ve finished cleaning. 

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Step 3: Clean The Dashboard, Center Console, And Door Panels

This is where most of the nook and crevices area and so this will be the area taking much of your time to clean. 

You don’t just wipe the surfaces, you also have to use different kinds of brushes, even cotton swabs to reach and clean the tightest spots like air vents.  

car air vents cleaning


This can be too taxing to do and if you own a car wash shop, this can mean customers have to wait longer for their car to get cleaned. 

Customers always go for services that provide good quality work in the shortest amount of time. 

How do you provide this kind of service to people?

One way to eliminate the need for lengthy clean-up is to use a car cleaning gun. It helps you detail cars thoroughly in a significantly shorter time. 

It also eliminates the need for too much equipment when cleaning cars. At most, you’ll just need the car cleaning gun with an air compressor, one bucket of water, and one cloth to dry the little moisture left.

To tell you about the best sequence in cleaning dashboards, center consoles, and door panels, check out our free eBook.  

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Step 4: Clean Car Seats

Because of its big surfaces, it usually catches spills. Plus when not cleaned for a long time, dust could harden together with the spill stains it accumulated over time. 

Cleaning it usually needs soap, water, and a lot of brushing. 

Again to tedious plus takes a long time to dry. 

If you use a car cleaning gun, you only get a little amount of liquid on the surface but still clean it enough with the oscillating tube that dislodges stubborn dirt. 

You’ll be done cleaning and drying your car in a jiffy if you use this. 

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Step 5: Floor Carpet And Clean Floor Mats  

Floor Carpets are the fabric material that’s part of the car interior, this too needs time to dry. So clean this first before the floor mat.

When you’re wet or muddy, the rubber floor mat usually catches all of these. Still, some make their way underneath making your floor carpets dirty too. 

Instead of exhaustively scrubbing it, you can simply use a car cleaning gun to clean the carpet and get rid of the stains it has. 

While waiting for it to dry, you can move on to cleaning the last thing, floor mats. 

Floor mats are usually made of rubber to its easier to dry. However, it gets most of the dirt from outside. 

Ever went to a muddy place? For sure you’ll know how much mud you’ll carry to your floor mat.

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The good thing is, using a car cleaning gun dislodges the mud easily even if it already dried up. You’ll be done cleaning all the nooks in no time. 

If you follow these 5 practical and easy steps, you’ll be done cleaning your car's interior in no time.

You’ll even look forward to the next car wash you’ll do with how simple a car cleaning gun makes the work for you. 

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