The Car Detailing Hack Every Car Owner Should Know About

The Car Detailing Hack Every Car Owner Should Know About


A guy once told me driving is therapeutic for him. 

Ironically, most people would find driving stressful and even a cause for road rage. Many get easily irked with drivers who have poor driving habits and with heavy traffic. 

Do you?

In this post we’re going over:

  • How cleaning your car can be therapeutic
  • The car cleaning tool that helps you minimize stress

If you want to know how a car wash can be relaxing, this post is for you. 

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Why Driving Is Therapeutic

Although some studies show driving can lead to aggression, there are still proofs that being behind the wheel gives them a soothing sensation. 

It holds true for me. 

Driving can be a de-stressor after a long day at work. It can also give you an escape from tensions at home. 

car detailing hack for therapeutic driving



Because driving allows you to filter out your thoughts and keeps you focused on one thing – the road. 

It demands your full attention. 

So, if you think about it, it’s a way to force yourself to set aside concerns from home and work because your mental faculties are forced to think on matters like:

  • Keeping yourself a good distance away from the car in front of you
  • If you should take another lane
  • If you should switch gears
  • And all other driving-related concerns. 

Driving allows you to clear your mind, practice mindfulness, and even allows you to see soothing sceneries which can help you get more relaxed. 

But here’s the problem: 

Driving won’t be as therapeutic and relaxing if, after an exhausting day at work, you come back to a filthy, grimy, and dusty car. 

Worse, instead of helping you get relaxed, you’ll get higher levels of stress and tension.

The solution is simple: clean your car. 

A clean car helps alleviate the day’s stress and even helps with your mental and physical health. 

My guess is, just thinking of getting a car wash adds more stress to you. 

Well, it shouldn’t. 

If your car can get cleaned fast and efficiently, you’ll be able to hit the road in no time to get yourself alone time to just focus on the road and put aside all your worries. 

But you might argue: “getting a car thoroughly cleaned inside out can take me an hour or two.”

It used to. 

Yes, you heard it right. It used to. 

Nowadays, DIY car washers and pro detailers alike have a car cleaning hack up their sleeve to get them to clean cars in a jiffy. 

This car cleaning hack doesn’t just give your car a shallow clean. It removes not just the most visible dirt, but also all the stubborn grime and dust stuck in the nooks and crannies of your car. 

It removes stubborn dirt and even the awful smell that comes with it. 

It works for different surfaces: metal, polycarbonate, cloth, foam, and more. 

You can use it not just on the outside, but also on the inside of your car. 

It can work for the engine bay, on the wheels but also the dashboard, center console, doors, floor, and seats of your car. 

It’s an all-around tool so you won’t need as many cleaning tools as you used to. 

So, what is this car cleaning hack?

It’s the car cleaning gun.

A car cleaning gun is a revolutionary and unparalleled professional car cleaning tool used not just by professional car detailers and car cleaners, but also by ordinary car owners. 

How Does A Car Cleaning Gun Work?

A car cleaning gun has an oscillating tube powered by an air compressor that rotates fast to knock off unyielding dirt on the crevices of your car. 

car cleaning gun


So even if it’s a tight spot that used to require you to do hard and long brushing, the car cleaning gun dislodges the dirt within seconds. 

Remember brushing wheels and tires covered in mud with all your might? Gone are those days. 

Today, you just pull the trigger, and the car cleaning gun does all the heavy lifting for you. 

You can also use the car cleaning gun for fabrics like cloth or leather on seats. It can do a deep clean without getting the surface too wet. 

The car cleaning gun also has an air-only option so you can use it without the cleaning solution to dry the damp surfaces. 

For parts of the car that used to take you a whole lot of minutes to clean, using a car cleaning gun gets the job done within seconds, reducing the overall time you spend cleaning the car.

If your car gets cleaned this fast and efficiently, there’s no reason for you to get stressed. 

Just like driving, cleaning your car with a car cleaning gun can also be therapeutic for you as you see the stubborn dust and grime rapidly getting dislodged. 

What’s more satisfying than seeing how your car gets cleaned fast right in front of your eyes?

This car detailing hack doesn’t just make the work faster for you, it also allows you to save from spending on too many cleaning pieces of equipment for your car. 

At best, you’ll just need appropriate cleaning solutions for different surfaces, 1 bucket for water, 1 one microfiber towel, and an air compressor. 

No more need for dozens of cloth, foam, and detailing brushes. 

More reasons for you to get de-stressed. 

Nothing Beats Driving A Spick And Span Car

If de-stressing is your goal, your car’s condition should go with it. A dirty and disorganized car will do little to help you de-stress. Whereas a clean one keeps you satisfied. 

For great quality car cleaning guns, try Joint Stars Cannon products

You have an option for affordable classic versions, durability-tested versions, and double-compressed cleaning power versions. 

Check out the website now and find out what car cleaning gun works best for you. You can even get the chance to get freebies!

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