7 Tips On How To Keep Your Car Clean In Between Washes

7 Tips Keep Your Car Clean In Between Washes


Nothing is more annoying than after thoroughly washing your car, a few days later, it’ll look like it never took a bath. 

So this post is dedicated to tips about how you can keep your car clean in between washes. 

We’ll talk about:

  • Habits you can practice
  • And measures you can apply

If you want to make the car wash clean last, this post will provide you with easy and actionable tips you can try for your car. 

If you’re ready to find out about these tips, let’s dig right in. 

How To Keep Your Car Clean In Between Washes

Let’s face it, it’s not practical to wash your car every time you see a speck of dirt in it. It’s not even feasible to wash it every day. 

And frankly, after a day on the road, your car is bound to get dust, grime, tree sap, stains, and even bird poop. 

Sad but true. 

Because of these, lots of people online have been asking questions like, “how to stop dust from sticking to the car”, “how to keep your car clean outside”, and “how to clean your car without washing it”. 

This post’s tips will answer those very questions. 

Check it out. 

1. Take Out The Trash Every Time You Leave Your Car

Taking out the trash regularly is the first habit you can practice. This means the trash won’t pile up on the cup holders, pockets, and seats. 

Car cleaning tip take out trash


By doing this, you’ll also avoid spilling or dropping leftover food and drinks, something that’s harder to clean. 

Also, the sticky remnants from wrappers won’t transfer on pockets to collect dust. 

Some call this progressive housekeeping, but in this case, progressive car-keeping might be a better name to it. 

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2. Tap Shoes Off Before Getting On The Car

Your shoes bring all kinds of contaminants from dust to mud, to road grime. 

car cleaning tip tap shoes before getting on car


Tapping it a few times on the ground will get rid of loose dirt so you lessen the contaminants you bring into your car. 

This will also help the floor mats and carpets from getting saturated with mud and dust. With this, cleaning the floor mats will be easier with less dirt sticking into them. 

3. Park Indoors If Possible

Parking indoors doesn’t just prevent premature paint fading. It also helps your car in avoiding tree sap, dust, bug splats, and bird poop. 

car cleaning tip park indoors


If you can’t find indoor parking, another option is buying a car cover to blanket your vehicle. 

However, while this is an option, I don’t recommend it as much as parking indoors. 

You see, while putting on the car cover, the dust on the paintwork will touch the cover and cause tiny scratches. 

Yes, a car cover can protect your vehicle from tree sap and bird poop, but it’s also a cause of scratches. 

So parking indoors is the best option. 

4. Avoid Unpaved Roads

This will require a bit of forethought. When planning your drive, especially outside the city, try to check first if there’s a choice between a paved road and an unpaved one. 

Stay off the unpaved road as much as you can because it’ll be littered with mud and potholes that can cover the lower part of your car in the dirt. 

And if you ever have to step out of the car while on that road, you’ll be bringing in more dirt back on the inside than usual. 

It’ll also be littered with gravel that can cause scratches and dents. 

Now for the measures, you can do. 

5. Invest In A Good Car Wax

To limit the dust and grime sticking on the car surface in between washes, invest in good car wax. It’ll take longer for the paintwork to get dirty again. 

Applying car wax after washing the car will also protect the paintwork from chips, discoloration, and scratches. 

6. Use Quick Detailer

QD as some call it is a “mist and wipe” product used by car enthusiasts and car detailers. 

By spraying and wiping this product on the surface, you can remove light dust, water spots, and other light contaminants. 

It can even act as a top-up protection layer for your paintwork. 

Just note though that quick detailer won’t work for heavy mud. Dirt in those levels already requires a good car bath. 

7. Use Waterless Wash

Don’t confuse a waterless wash with a quick detailer. The waterless wash is considered by pro detailers to be more eco-friendly because it doesn’t produce suds that go down the drain. 

car cleaning tip use waterless wash


However many think it’s the same with a quick detailer because both products are pre-mixed sprays that saturate a surface and need wiping afterward to remove the road grime or dust. 

If you’re pro earth, I think you’ll like this one better than the quick detailer. 

Last Thoughts

Most of the tips here are simple everyday things you can do. It might seem trivial to some but it goes a long way in preserving the cleanliness your car wash can do. 

As a bonus tip, when washing your car, be as thorough as possible. Be sure to take the dust and grime out from every nook and cranny like in the air condition blades no matter how little it is. 

You see, this is a mental trick. 

You’re telling your brain you put great effort in getting as meticulous as you can when you wash your car, it deserves to be kept clean as long as possible. 

Being meticulous in a car wash doesn’t mean you have to spend hours brushing every crevice possible. 

One way to do an efficient clean without spending as much time is by using a smart cleaning tool like a car cleaning gun. It cleans fast and efficiently, no need to dedicate a quarter of your day washing your car. 

Try these tips out for yourself and see how much it can do to keep your car as clean as it can get in between washes. 

Because we want you to make it easier to remember, here's an infographic done just for you!

7 Tips Keep Your Car Clean In Between Washes infographics

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