What Is A Car Cleaning Gun?

What Is A Car Cleaning Gun


High-pressure car cleaning guns are gaining huge popularity in the car services industry. 

Even car owners and car enthusiasts who want to try DIY car detailing are getting fond of these professional cleaning tools. 

In this post we’ll answer some of the most common questions asked about car cleaning guns like:

  • What a car cleaning gun is
  • If car cleaning guns and foam cannons are the same
  • How a car cleaning gun works
  • Why using a car cleaning gun gives you an edge
  • And who car cleaning guns are for

If you’ve got yourself interested in this car cleaning equipment or want to invest in car washing tools, this post is for you. 

Let’s start answering those questions. 

What Is A Car Cleaning Gun?

A car cleaning gun is a high-pressure car cleaning tool mostly used by professional detailers to clean cars thoroughly and conveniently. It works together with an air compressor. 

A car cleaning gun is an effective tool to clean stubborn dirt, stains, and grime even in hard-to-reach areas within your car.

It works on soft and hard surfaces on the interior and exterior of the car you are cleaning. 

car cleaning gun cleans wheels

Are Car Cleaning Guns And Foam Cannons The Same?

Car cleaning guns are different from foam cannons. A foam cannon is a tool that shoots soap all around the car leaving it covered in foam.

A car cleaning gun on the other hand cleans surfaces using car cleaning liquid together with high air pressure to dislodge stubborn stains and dirt. 

Both a foam cannon and a car cleaning gun uses air to work. However, foam cannons use a pressure washer that pumps to increase water pressure. A car cleaning gun uses an air compressor, which compresses air to raise air pressure. 

Because of this, car cleaning guns are often also called air blowguns or tornado cleaning tools. 

How Does a High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun Work?

Car cleaning guns use compressed air from an air compressor to blow air to the tube inside the cone-shaped nozzle.

The tip of the tube, where the air moves out, oscillates at high speed to break up dirt, grime, dust, and other contaminants on the surface. 

This is why more and more people using it to clean every nook and crevice in the car. It’s way faster and convenient than the usual way of using detailer brushes and cleaning cloths. 

The high air pressure coupled with the tube’s oscillating movement breaks up even the most stubborn dirt on floor mats, consoles, engine bays, and other areas of the car that are difficult to reach and clean.  

car cleaning gun oscillating tube


Some people even call it a blowout tool since it blasts away and dislodges the most stubborn dirt in your car. 

Other than the air pressure, the car cleaning gun has a liquid container where you can add water and cleaning solution to get dirt and stains easier, even those not seen by the naked eye. 

However, you can still use the car cleaning gun without the liquid if you want to use it for drying the surface. Just flip the switch upwards so it only dispenses air. 

Check out this video:

What Kind Of Air Compressor Do You Need With The Car Cleaning Gun?

To get the best results, you should use an air compressor that gives out consistent pressure that is strong enough to blast away any stubborn mud or dirt.

For the Joint Stars Cannon car cleaning gun, you can use a compressor with 5.2-6.4 CFM at 90-120 PSI

If you want an air compressor recommendation, it would be DEWALT D55168 200 PSI 16 gallon 120-volt electric wheeled workshop compressor. Or any other brand with the same specs.

What Is PSI?

PSI or “pounds per square inch” is the air compressor’s measure of force. 

What Is CFM?

CFM or “cubic feet per minute” is the air compressor’s measure of airflow out. 

Using A Car Cleaning Gun Gives You An Edge

Using a car cleaning gun eliminates the need for the usual process you need to do when cleaning the car manually.

Instead of soaping the area first, then scrubbing down dirty surfaces until you get rid of the dirt, rinsing it, and wiping it dry, you only need the car cleaning gun to turn these 4 steps into 1. 

Plus, you won’t need as many car cleaning tools. Instead of using tons of detailer brushes, buckets, cloths, the car cleaning gun will substitute for them. You’ll only need 1 bucket of water and 1 dry cloth. 

The bucket of water to rinse the nozzle from accumulated dirt and the dry cloth to wipe off excess water on the surface. 

You just don’t save time; you also save money from spending on so many detailing tools. 

Who Are Car Cleaning Guns For?

Car cleaning guns are not just for car detailers and car wash business owners. It’s also for car owners and families of car owners who are tasked to clean the cars. 

It’s also for auto repair shop owners, technicians, and mechanics who need parts of the car cleaned before they can troubleshoot and find any leaks in the car. 

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car cleaning gun engine bay detailing


If you use a car cleaning gun, you set yourself apart as a car service provider. Not only can you show your keen attention to detail, but you also proved your service faster so you can cater to more clients in a day. 

A car cleaning gun sets a huge difference, not just for the time you spent on detailing, but also for the quality of the job you do. 

It’ll leave you satisfied with a car fully-cleaned looking brand new. 

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