Car Carpet Cleaning Tool Every Car Owner Should Have

Car Carpet Cleaning Tool Every Car Owner Should Have


Doing DIY detailing at home will mean more than just a towel, car shampoo, and bucket. 

If you want to do a thorough and deep clean, investing in tools is necessary. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

One, with the increasing demand for DIY detailing, affordable detailing tools have become much more accessible. Two, amazingly, you can find multi-purpose equipment that is not only used in different parts of the car but can also be used in different subtasks of one specific car part. 

Let me explain more of what I mean. 

The Major Tasks Of Carpet Cleaning

Before diving into the tool we’re going to talk about, let’s first talk about the sequence of tasks you have to undergo when cleaning car carpets.

Why do we have to touch on this?  

Because doing so will better explain why you need the tool we’re about to discuss. 

We won’t go into detail about how you should clean car carpets. We already have blogs for those. One talks about how to clean very dirty and mudded carpets and the other is about how you should do spot carpet cleaning

In this post, we’ll just cover the major steps:

  1. Treating the carpet.
  2. Agitate the stain or dirt on the carpet.
  3. Rinsing off the carpet.
  4. Drying the carpet. 

Treating The Carpet

Many carpet cleaners come in sprayable canisters or bottles. Still, some don’t, especially if you try to concoct a homemade carpet cleaner. You’ll at the very least, need a spray bottle to apply the carpet cleaner on the surface for the treatment period. 

Agitating The Dirt Or Stain

After the treatment period comes the time to try and remove the dirt. In some cases, depending on the kind of stain, you’ll simply have to blot out the stain to get rid of it. 

On the other hand, stubborn stains require some elbow grease. Not only is it exhausting, but it’s also very time-consuming, precious time you can spend doing other important errands or bonding with family and friends. 

That’s not all you’ll have to think about. In many instances, you’ll have to use a brush to agitate dirt and stain. Well, at least that’s how things are done before. Those who have a hand drill lying in the garage just need to buy a cheap brush attachment so they don’t have to do manual scrubbing - a faster choice but not always the wisest.

Whether it’s manual brushing or using a hand drill, brushing the carpet surface will loosen carpet fibers causing it to thin out and perforations in the long run. 

The best way to agitate stain and dirt? The brushless way.

Rinsing The Carpet

Some cleaners don’t need rinsing, some others do. Once you neglect rinsing it off thoroughly, it can leave a musty lingering smell that won’t make your car smell fresh as you intended it to when you decided to clean the carpets. 

You need a tool that can rinse the carpets thoroughly and efficiently. 

Drying The Carpet

Most manufacturer-installed carpets aren’t made to be detachable so you can't take it out to hang dry like you would with car floor mats. 

Because of this, you’ll either have to limit the moisture the carpet gets in contact with or get a tool that whirl’s off excess water so it won’t take you ages to get the carpets dry. Neglect this and you’ll cause premature pitting on the metal flooring beneath it. 

Does This Mean A Whole Lot Of Carpet Cleaning Tools?

You’d think it would, but actually, no. In the first place, if you figured out it’ll lead you to spend on too many tools, you’d economically opt to just bring it in a car detailer shop. 

So no, you won’t need so many tools and that’s good news because it means you don’t have to invest in so many things you’ll most likely just use once every few months. (It also saves you so much space on your garage storage)

By now you probably figured out that the tool can do most of the heavy lifting when cleaning the carpets. 

Car Owners Need A Car Cleaning Gun For Carpet Cleaning

What is a car cleaning gun you ask? Here’s what it is.  

Simply, you need a car cleaning gun when cleaning carpets because 1. It has a strong cleaning power that’s super effective in removing the most stubborn dirt and stains. 2. You can use it not just for removing dirt and stains but also for applying the carpet cleaner, rinsing the carpet, and expediting its drying time. 

The car cleaning gun will spray a regulated amount of cleaner on the carpet during the treatment period and early on it starts agitating the contaminants stuck deep between the fibers of the carpet. 

car cleaning gun removes stubborn dirt and stains


By replacing the contents of the container with pure water, you can also use the car cleaning gun to rinse the carpet cleaner thoroughly.

Lastly, it also has an air-only function you can use to blow off the excess water from rinsing so the carpet won’t be soaking wet when you start drying it. 

Simply said, the car cleaning gun does most of the heavy lifting when cleaning car carpets. Best of all, while it’s strong enough to dislodge the hardest dirt and stain, it’s not as harsh as brushing off the dirt that can ruin the carpet fibers. 

car cleaning gun strong air power to clean carpet


With this tool, you can clean your car carpets effectively and efficiently. 


As we mentioned at the outset, a great tool isn’t just versatile enough that it does subtasks when cleaning one part of the car. It’s also extra flexible because it can clean consoles, dashboards, door panels, headlines, and even wheels and tires. 

You can definitely say a car cleaning gun would be a good buy not just because of its strong cleaning power but also because it really brings a bang to the buck you spend for it. 

Get your own car cleaning gun now!

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