17 Practical Products If You Own Or Drive A Car (Great Find You Might Not Know About)

17 Practical Products If You Own Or Drive A Car


After having your car for some time you’ll realize you need some tools and accessories to make life easier for you when you’re out driving. 

If you’re a parent with toddlers on board, the constant mess and crayon marks on the upholstery will be a constant concern. 

If you’re assigned to do grocery shopping, the constant bumps and curves on the road making the insides of the grocery bag fall out will also be a big problem for you. 

In today’s post, we’ll talk about nifty gadgets and tools that’ll make driving, organizing, and cleaning your car super easy. We’ll discuss what tool it is and why or where you need it. 

If you’re ready to discover how to make your driving life easier, let’s get right to it. 

1. Magnetic Phone Mount

First on the list is a phone mounting gadget. It’s safe to say most people who drive carry their phones around and want to get an easy and quick glance in case someone calls or needs directions. 


practical car product magnetic phone mount


Instead of fiddling with a clamp-type phone mount with bulky extenders and constantly worrying about the clamp squeezing your phone too much, a magnetic version of the car phone mount is way more convenient. You can just pop it and go. 

2. Seat Belt Pad

This car accessory serves two purposes. On a hot summer day, even with the AC pumped up you tend to get tiny beads of sweat around your neck area. 


practical car product seat belt pad

When the seat belt strap digs into your skin too much, it gets sticky and uncomfortable and over time the strap will develop black spots from your sweat. 

Putting on a seatbelt pad makes being safe more comfortable and it saves your straps from developing black spots. (I tell you, it’s a pain in the neck to remove)

Additionally, if you have kids for a long day on the road, you can opt for the seat belt pad with a thick cushion. It can double as a pillow for them so they can sleep comfortably, without any fuss until you reach your destination. 

3. Car Steering Wheel Tray

Do you have no time to dine in for lunch? Or do you have to work on your laptop and you’re still on the road?

Get yourself a brilliant steering wheel tray so you can make eating and working on your laptop more comfortable, even when you’re in your car. Using one will also help avoid getting food and drinks spilling onto your lap and creating a mess. (more troublesome for you!)


practical car product car steering wheel tray


And if you’ve ever tried working on your laptop with it sitting on your lap (I know the name suggests you use it this way) you know back pain is lurking just around the corner. 

Whereas if you have this tray, the laptop gets elevated to a better height helping avoid a strained neck. 

4. Dash Camera

Nope, this isn’t just a fancy addition to your car. This can actually help you in case there’s an accident on the road.  

practical car product dash camera


You’ll have video evidence of the car that damaged your bumper and claim insurance. You can also end up helping others on the road. If an accident happens in front of you, you’ll have video evidence to help sort the situation. 

5. Battery Booster

Nothing is worse than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with a car that won’t start. 

Rather than wait a lifetime for another car to help you out, having your battery booster can save you from the hassle of waiting too long on an unsafe road. Just clamp the cables and you’ll be on your way in no time. 

practical car product battery booster

Some battery booster also function as a flashlight and power bank. If you can find those types, it’d be better. 

6. Blind Spot Mirror

Sometimes we just want to be extra sure we’re merging on a high traffic lane safely or backing up a tight parking spot without scratching the car next to us.  


practical car product blind spot mirror


A blind spot mirror gives that extra safety measure by letting you see spots that are usually out of view. 

7. Waterproof Anti-fog Films

This waterproof anti-fog film is another safety measure you can add to your car’s side mirror. 


practical car product waterproof anti-fog film


When it gets too foggy or when rain beads cover the mirrors, driving will be a bit more challenging with the limited surrounding visibility. A waterproof anti-fog film will get rid of that problem. 

8. Windshield Cover

On a hot summer day, UV rays entering through the windshield will get the inside of the car hotter and your car’s upholstery will get prematurely damaged. 


practical car product windshield cover


Winters are also a challenge. The windshield gets covered in snow and you need to scrape that off every day before you can use the car. But if you have a windshield cover, you just have to put it on at night and take it off by the morning and you’re good to go. 

9. Seat Cover

If you love bringing your furry friends along for a ride, you’ll have to deal with fur covering your car seats. To save you from an exhausting clean-up, you can get yourself a seat cover like this. 

practical car product seat cover


It’s also water-resistant so even if your dog or cat gets muddy or wet from a dip, you won’t have a problem. 

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10. Handheld Vacuum

Crumbs on the floor, dust, and mud from shoes, they’re going to go deep in the carpets and crevices. Over time it gets the car looking too messy and triggers everybody’s allergies. 

A handheld vacuum will get you a quick and easy cleanup even on hard-to-reach areas. 

practical car product handheld vacuum


It’s better than having brushing or dusting nooks and crannies as it blows dust on other areas, a handheld vacuum sucks all the dust up so you can bring it out of the car for good. 

11. Car Cleaning Gun

If you want a professionally detailed quality car clean in the comforts of your home, a car cleaning gun is your solution. 

practical car product car cleaning gun
It’s made for nooks and crannies not just for removing surface dust but especially the stubborn ones that caked on hard-to-reach surfaces for months. 

The best part is, it makes cleaning your car faster and more efficient. You can enjoy a fully cleaned car and you get to have more time to spend on the more important stuff.

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12. Heavy Duty Wipes

If you’re on the go and have no time for a full car wash but want to get rid of surface stains from grease, markers, oil, food, paint, and others, you should have heavy-duty wipes handy.


practical car product heavy duty wiped


You can also use it to wipe muddy shoes and get dirty hands clean in a jiffy. 

13. Trunk Organizer

A messy trunk is not new. There’s just a lot of things to store from bags, tools, groceries, umbrella, random junk, and other stuff you need for your ride. 

It’s usual to have a messy trunk but definitely an awful sight to see. Having a trunk organizer gets you proper storage for the usual things you have in your trunk, some space for groceries, wet umbrellas, even jackets. 


practical car product trunk organizer

Plus organizing these things will get you more space to store other items you have to bring especially in the long haul. 

14. Car Gap Organizer

I don’t know about you but I’ve dropped my phone countless times to this abyss and I tell you, it’s a pain to take your phone out. Then there’s loose change, cards, candies, and other small stuff. 

practical car product car gap organizer


These car gap organizers prevent your coins, chips, and phone from falling into that crack, plus you get to organize it neatly in a very accessible area. 

15. Trash Bin

Candy wrappers, receipts, straws, they’ll always go to door pockets creating a grimy handle to open the car. Yuck!

practical car product trash bin


So to make sure the trash doesn’t land in the wrong place, get yourself a small trash bin. It’s portable so you can take the trash out at the end of the day.  

16. Hook Organizers

Do you have a lot of bags to carry? Do you need somewhere to hang your clothes? Hook organizers are made for that. 

practical car product hook organizers

It helps prevent groceries from spilling on the floor when you hit the brakes too hard, creates more floor space, and gives you a place to hang your clothes without crumpling them. 

17. Rubber Floor Mats

What’s great about rubber floor mats is that it’s good for all seasons. It contains the dirt, snow, mud, and filth you bring from the outside onto a safe floor space. This way your floor doesn’t get ruined or won’t get you into a full day of scrubbing floor mats for stains. (a car cleaning gun can help you with that too!)

practical car product rubber floor mats


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These products don’t only make your car a little fancier, the best part about these things is that you get to use, clean, and organize your car for a better and more comfortable driving experience. 

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