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You have to hook this up to your own air compressor. Once you do this it works amazingly. You can use any soap for the car interior with this you want to. It’s like pressure. Cleaning the inside body of our car with air. The results are astounding. Great for when you have kids that make all kinds of messes on your cloth seats! God for major detailing. 

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Very surprised by its cleaning effect. I always clean my own car by myself, but I am not satisfied with the cleaning because I don’t have the right tools. So my friend recommended this product and received it quickly. Falling in love with this tool, the cleaning effect is really much better than some cleaning shops. I would recommend

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Steve chevalier

So I received this a couple days ago and was finally able to use it tonight. And wow it’s really does work. I’m actually able to clean all the deep seams and crevices that I have always had a hard time reaching. I have photos of when I open it but it and before I started cleaning the interior of the jeep. By the time I finished it was too dark to get a good picture of the after. 

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Jeff Beckwith

I purchased the Joint Star Interior Steamer and since I’ve used it, it has made every vehicle I’ve cleaned/detailed a walk in the park. Instructions and use are nice and simple and require little to no effort to do the job. 

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Martin Jackman

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